Peter Hill

Photographer and Author

Peter Hill

Peter Hill – Photographer and Author
Award-winning fine art photographer and novelist.
Specialising in black and white landscapes from around the world and closer to home in the World Heritage Blue Mountains of Australia.
Author of the epic saga Finder, Keeper
All available for purchase by discerning lovers of fine art and books.


New Book Release

It is the year 2204, and things are not quite right at The Bibliotek – the world’s largest library and the last hope for the books stored in its 75 subterranean levels.

Mads Ingridson, the Bibliotekar, or the ‘Keeper’ as his staff call him, is facing a hidden threat on several fronts. His best friend and colleague, Rafe Nagy, the most senior and best Finder of books for The Bibliotek, is also a target. But why?
Is the sect that is determined to finally rid the world of printed books behind the escalating danger, or something or someone else?

Finder, Keeper examines a future world where humankind’s obsession with books and destroying them reaches a zenith. Mads finds himself navigating political intrigue, Rafe finds himself the target of more violent actions.
Together they must find out who they can trust and why secrets are being kept, all the while doing what they do respective best as Finder and Keeper.

Finder, keeper
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